Utah Matsuri

Our FIRST ANNUAL SPRING MATSURI on Sunday, May 7th, 2017 was a huge success! Many thanks to everyone who brought their vintage Japanese cars out and all who attended and helped make this event a reality. We will be adding event photos to our page but in the meantime, check out the albums and coverage on the Utah Japanese Classic Car Facebook Page or these albums here and here.

CAM Auto Mag has put together an awesome gallery of the Matsuri and you’ll find it here.

About Garage Kyusha

Garage Kyusha is a classic Japanese car enthusiast club based out of Utah that focuses on shakotan (low chassis) style builds from the early 70’ to late 80’s. The group was established in 2011 with an obsession and passion for nostalgic Japanese cars. The vision for the club was to bring together members with the same love and passion for the Japanese car culture. The club has grown from two members to a crew of over a dozen. Each member takes great pride in their personal builds, and perform their own modifications. It is because of the camaraderie developed between members that this group has come to feel like family. As Garage Kyusha continues to grow and expand, we hope to create a positive atmosphere in a small, but growing nostalgic Japanese car community.

Garage Kyusha Utah