Travis’ 71 Hilux

Hey guys, Travis Davis here from Garage Kyusha. I enjoy Japanese Classic Cars, steak, St. Louis Cardinals Baseball, Fresca, awesome CNC/engineering renderings and pretending (and mostly failing) that one day, I’ll be a decent fabricator. I’m currently introverted, going bald before 40 and think Don McLean’s “American Pie” is the worst song in the history of music (fight me).

I’ve owned this 1971 Toyota Hilux for a little over three years now. Thanks to a previous owner and fellow member of Garage Kyusha, it has become a bit Internet famous. It’s got a few names – The Hilux, The Lolux, The Old girl and my personal favorite, That Damn Truck.

Originally the truck came with an 8RC 1.9 liter engine and a 4 speed transmission. Although Toyota nailed the R series engines in terms of reliability, performance is basically non-existant. For a while, it did the job but as with any car nerd like myself, the voices in my head talked me into jumping down the rabbit hole.

About a year ago, a Datsun 521 fell into my lap. After playing with it for a bit, I had the opportunity to trade it for nearly complete AP1 S2000 that had met its demise via a turn without traction. The F20C was the holy grail for swaps in my opinion and always thought it a pipe dream considering what they go for on the internet. It’s a potent little mill and, 15 years later, the HP per liter numbers are still an amazing engineering feat. Plus, it’ll be matched to a transmission with two more gears than I’m currently using. Translation: I can go faster.

Since our last car show in the fall, I have been working to get the S2000’s heart into the truck. I’m almost certain this will be the first swap of its kind so everything is trial and error. Not the best way to do things but certainly more gratifying when its finished.

The truck will receive some other upgrades before she makes her first voyage with the 9,000 RPM screamer – MK3 Supra LSD, Static suspension and possibly better brakes.

It’s currently for sale. Price? More than you’re willing to offer so unless you have a Kenmeri, Hakosuka, NA1 NSX or Jennifer Lawrence to trade for it, don’t bother asking.

Thanks for looking and I heart you all.


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