Daniel’s Toyotas

My name is Daniel Schrubb. I’m one of GK’s newer members, for about a year and a half now.

I’ve been in love with old Toyotas ever since I moved to Utah back in ’99. It started with a ’90 Turbo Alltrac Celica that I spent all my money on, having a shop do all the work. After totaling that car, I swore I’d always fix my own cars.

And what better, easier car to work on than an AE86 Corolla! The car that cemented my love for Toyota and RWD. I owned 3 over a period of 15 years, autocrossed them, drifted them and daily’ed the crap out of them. I owned a few other cool Toyotas in that time period as well, a 5 speed swapped ’88 Cressida, S/C Alltrac Previa, ’89 MR2 and after a decade of searching, a MX32 Cressida.

I’ve slowly been bringing it back to life after sitting for years, and just recently swapped a 5 speed from a MA46 Celica Supra. And then along came another mx32 Cressida! There’s no better feeling than bringing these cars back to life!


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