Gage’s Sleepy Z’s

Hi my name is Gage Kerr. Im one of the GK members located outside of Utah on the East coast in South Carolina.

I got into cars at an early age around 5 or 6 by tagging along with my Grandfather as he worked on his cars. He predominantly owned 60s and 70s American cars like Mustangs and Chevy Novas. So naturally thats what first had my interest. I remember being around 10 years old and seeing an old Datsun Z car for the first time and I have been hooked since.

Fast forward to my teens and I’ve fallen in love with the Japanese car culture and all the styles it has to offer. My first Japanese vehicle purchase was a 1996 Nissan 240sx and i absolutely loved it. I’ve bought a few other s14 chassis but my love has always been in the classics which is what led me to buying a pair of Datsuns.

I bought a pair of Datsun 280z’s and made one out of the two. I found a ton of things that needed attention but none of it bothered me i just loved it and was thrilled to be working on it. I have bought and sold a few other 240z-280z but this one being my first one, has always stayed. As it progressed and i was enjoying it, i decided to swap out the engine since it was due for a rebuild anyway. It is currently down until that process is complete but i am anxiously waiting to be in that driver seat once again!


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