Day in the Life – Garage Kyusha

Garage Kyusha Garage Day

So this Last weekend, we had our Garage Day in preparation for our upcoming Spring Matsuri. (Check the Events page for Details!!) Got some of the members who could make it out, and just had a BBQ, and nailed down some loose ends on our cars. Duane Lowered his new Ridgeline with some lowering springs. Uriel Buttoned up the Levin Front end and worked on his Trueno to install the New Valve cover. Alex upgraded his alternator, and worked through the wiring to clean up some of the loose ends. Daniel ended up fixing his starting issue. overall a great day for Garage Kyusha, and Excited to get things rolling along!

Garage Kyusha Member Spotlight: Uriel

Being Garage Kyusha’s Un-Official Secretary, i’ll be updating this page with Garage Kyusha Pics and Stories about the internal life of its members. Nothing too personal, but just to show the “funny” side of our club.

First off, we’ll kinda show off the Clubs Founder Uriel, working tirelessly on his 86 Coupe “Levin” Project. this one snowballed into a full chassis overhaul and has been fun to watch and see it come together! Keep it coming Uriel!!!