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Jake Bio:

Hey guys! so here’s a brief history about myself. I have been into building, Racing cars pretty much since I was around 14. I grew into cars, and they didn’t interest me at first but always loved riding in my Dad K5 Blazer. I even cried when he sold it! I started where a lot of car enthusiasts start, the Honda Scene. I learned a lot, and built some fun stuff. Afterwards I moved into Mustangs, where I completed my first major engine swap, a Thunderbird 2.3 Turbo into my 87 Fox Body. I remember my turning point, getting back into Japanese cars seeing Initial D (ironic right?) and hearing that sound…. I needed to understand sound, why does it appeal to me so much? So i sold off my New Mustang, a 1985 1/2 SVO and bought something much more reliable…. a 1989 Mazda Rx7… I can hear people laughing already.

Fast Forward 8 Years, i still have my 89 Rx7, and have become a Rotary Nerd, Lover, Racer, and Diehard Enthusast. If you like the Rotary Engine, i think we just became Friends.

Best…. Friends…

1972 Mazda Rx2 Sedan – EU – Earth Green, 74 Single Dizzy 12a Rotary Engine, Racing Beat Intake, Racing Beat Exhaust,

Restoration in progress

Future Plans: Suspension upgrades, 13B swap, Full Body Restoration including new paint.

Found this Beauty in a field in Tooele Utah, slowly working to bring her back to her glory days and hearing that Rotary Engine screaming again.

1989 Mazda Rx7 GTUs – Track Demon

Rx8 13B-MSP, Haltech Sprint RE, Full Exhaust (Custom Piping) Tuned by Remission Motorsports, K’Sport Kontrol Pro Coilovers, Full Solid Engine/Trans Mounts, Delrin Subframe Mounts, DTSS Eliminators, Rx7 FD Wheels

Currently Under Rebuild: Aiming for SCCA Autocross Racing.


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